Had a chance to do a car a few days after the class.  Insurance had estimated 675 in PDR and in the past I would have most likely put 1500 – 1800 on the car.  I ended up at 2465.


It was definitely a big part of my success this year.

Billy V.

The class was a big part of my success this year as well.  I learned a ton from Tony and Max.  They not only teach ways to push your earnings higher, they also teach professionalism.

Jay P.

I attended the The Hail Trainer class last year.  You will not find a more thought out seminar breaking down the very competitive hail industry.  The class is beneficial to the novice or the experienced technician.

Dan O Dents

I just finished my first month of the season and it was the best month I’ve ever had  at $35K.  The only reason I got the job I’m at now is because of the Hail Trainer Facebook group you created & I just wanted to say thank you!

Antoine V.

So, this timing is crazy!!  Local guy who took the class just last week.  Hail hits this week.  Decided to use this group to find techs for myself and another local guy.  All sorts of “chasers” knocking down doors of the shops we faithfully service week in and week out.  Guess who got the work?

Dent Vanish