We are rolling out an all-encompassing hail training program this winter to help you maximize the upcoming hail season.  Featuring Max VanNostrand, with 15 years experience in chasing hail all over the world, this course will be a top to bottom remake of how you approach all aspects of the hail business. These experiences have shaped his skills into what it takes to teach you how to increase your revenue every year.

The Hail Trainer Class

Maximize Your Time

From how you set up your tool cart to time saving repair tips, this class will help you maximize your daily, weekly, and monthly earnings.  Learn how to network, glue pull faster, and manage work flow at various gigs to maximize time pushing dents, instead of wasting precious hours of hail season sitting idle.

Maximize Your Money

Getting paid more for the same damage you’re already repairing is the easiest way to instantly make more money.  From writing strong estimates and being able to justify them to adjustors to negotiating with brokers and body shops, we will give you the tools you need to speak with confidence and thrive in all these situations to ensure you get top dollar on every repair.


Maximize Your Productivity

Do you excel at some types of damage, but struggle with others?  Reaching your daily goals is all about staying focused and mentally energized.  Getting stuck on a bad panel or a bad car can stifle your productivity for the remainder of the day. We will teach you how to speed up your repair times on

hammered cars, smacked rails, and oversized dents.

Do you spend days or even weeks at home, or not pushing dents in the middle of hail season?  This is all too common in this trade.  By learning how to network, how to manage work flow, and how to set expectations with body shops and brokers, we will teach you how to overcome the single biggest issue in hitting your long term goals.  If we can teach you how to find another 1-2 days of work, that alone will cover this tuition for this program.

Our system is very simple. 10-10-10

If we can teach you how to earn 10% more per car, be 10% faster in your repairs, and work 10 more days every year, we can help you increase your earnings by over 30% next year.  That’s the key to our system—many small changes can add up to a big income increase at the end of the year. We break things down in to bite size chunks and have you focus and tweak multiple areas of your business to help you see massive increases in income. This formula works whether you’re currently earning 100k a year or 200k a year.

Hands-on TrainingThe Hail Trainer Class

We are looking for business minded, committed technicians that are interested in taking on this program.  This is a 90-day program that will completely transform how you approach the hail business.  It starts with a two-day intensive training class on location.  It is preferred that you show up with your tool cart set up.

Ongoing Mentorship

Once class is over and the hail season has begun, we will provide three months of mentoring to help you implement everything you have learned in real world scenarios.  We will be available to you on an as needed basis to answer any questions that you have and provide advice needed to help you maximize your season.

Bonus Benefits

An additional benefit of the class includes being added to a private group with all former and current Hail Trainer graduates. This is a great forum for bouncing ideas off each other, staying current with new tools and techniques, and sometimes even finding deals.

We will also bring in a financial planner and an insurance professional to provide guidance and help you make the best decisions possible when it comes to finances and estate planning.

New for this year we will be going in depth into real estate investing. We will show strategies that will let your money work for you. This will allow you to spend less time on the road and more time with the people you care most about.

Ready to take your career to the next level?

To apply to be part of this program, click here.  Please include your phone number and some information about your hail chasing history and what you are most interested in working on. Once we receive this information we will contact you and have a conversation to decide if this class is right for you.

Thanks for taking the time to check us out, and good luck out there!

Max VanNostrand