We do our best to stay as up to date as possible on Tools and all new technology in the PDR trade. Below are a few of the Tools and Software we recommend.


Double Tip Hail Rods.





Recommend tips are the R4-R (DENTCRAFT) and the .308 Tip By Dead On Dent Tools

Hail Trainer Interchangeable Tips









Blending Hammer

We recommend using the polished tip it comes with with the Dead On Dents Tools Match Grade Blunt

The Hail Trainer Blending Hammer








Glue Pulling – We recommend all of the Black Plague tabs. We use them all daily.

The Hail Trainer Glue Pulling



Big Dent Machine – This tool can save expensive panels and help you stand out.

The Hail Trainer Big Dent Machine



Corey Pope special

The Hail Trainer Corey Pope Special